Robert Matius for State Senate
Ohio Senate District 24                                   
Endorsed Democratic Party Candidate                                                                    

 Issues Considering Relocation? 
Elections are Supposed to be Competitive ...But many Ohio Elections Offer Limited Competition -- or  None at All

          Sympathy to Victims of Our Gulf Coast Hurricanes

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          Social Security
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           Concern Over Gags and Deportation
           Other Issues

Other Issues:
Strong Local Economy
Scope for Job Creation & Economic Recovery
Benefits &  Jobs for the Long Term Unemployed
Benefits / Income for the Elderly
Health Care Reform
More Issues
    Benefits for the Needy
    Caring for Pets
    Concealed Carry (Post Election Thoughts)
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Mailing Address:     The Committee to Elect Robert Matius
                                            31020 Lincoln Rd.
                                            Westlake, OH  44145

Contribution Limits  are $10,000. for Individuals and PACs

Financial Expenditures

Financial Expenditures were quite low for this campaign committee but not  for the opposition.  The cumulative
spending for this campaign including the  primary election to just before the general election was about $10,800. After
the general election total spending was about $19,700.  No in-kind contributions were received by this campaign.
Now the opposition has over $675,000. of in-kind contributions from the State Republican party.  After adding
about $50,000. for the oppositions campaign expenditures, we see that over $725,000. was spent by the opposition. 

Most of the spending by this committee was in fundraising.  How much money was spent by this campaign
compared to the opposition?  About 1% of the money resulted in 37.5% of the vote.

Financial Report Summary for the General Election

Outstanding Outstanding Total

Loans Debt Spending

Pre-General $4,154 $0 $4,982 $2,600 $8,191 $10,791

Post-General $1,650 $0 $2,579 $3,600 $16,137 $19,700.a




About $50,000


a)  Over 50% of the total spending was in fundraising.
b)  $605,000 was for TV advertising                       
                                                                                     c)  Did these funds result from companies directing  investment
                                                                                          of the  workers compensation funds?

Elections are Supposed to be Competitive Contest Offering Voters Distinct Choices.  But Many Ohio Elections Offer Limited Competition
         -- or None At All   - 
(Cleveland Sunday Plain Dealer, 10/9/05, pages B1 & B5)
          - Some interesting points from an article in todays Sunday Plain Dealer follow.  This is part of the discussion surrounding Issue 4. 

High Gasoline Prices

Sympathy to the Victimes of Hurrican Katrina & Of Recent Natural Catastrophes
Welcome Home

General Election Results (Legalized Corruption!)
           The general election results are better than previous years, but disappointing to this committee.  A letter to
            the editor, whistle blower, sums up many of the reactions of this committee to the election process and to
            the Ohio Election Commission.  This committee spent roughly 20 to 30 cents on each vote received, while
            the republicans spent over $5.00 (5 dollars)  on each vote received.  Our opponents used misleading
            and deceptive ads on a number of stations to take votes.   A state senate seat bought by dollars and

Note of Concern
During my travels throughout district 24 and Cuyahoga county, I was approached by several residents with
                regards to the Patriot Act.  One persons comments  follow:

                      "We came here (to this country) for freedom.  Now we have silent deportations...."

Where is the correct balance between security and freedom? 

                With the Patriot Act we can get money out of the country.  But it may be impossible to ever get large sums of
                money back into the country.


Reactions to current problems or issues both locally and nationally are noted below.  Please relay any of your views or feelings on local and other issues to or (440) 892-3862.
Strong Local Economy & High Paying Jobs No Restitution After an Election


Benefits &  Jobs for the Long Term Unemployed

Benefits / Income for the Elderly - Social Security

Health Care Reform Top

Other Issues


More Issues
Humane Treatment of Pets (Mans Best Friends),
Prompt Restoration of Electric Power & Phone Service
Email Your Thoughts or Method of Contact
Concealed Carry Was Not Considered an Issue as the Legislature is Enacting a Law on this Issue. 

Primary Election Results

Votes (Preliminary)

         County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora
       County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones
       County Prosecutor Bill Mason
       County Auditor Frank Russo
       Moreland Hills Mayor Charles M. Degross
       Bedford Clerk of Courts Tom Day

       Asian Indian Americans for Better Government
       AFSCME United
       Teamsters Ohio Drive
       Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
       Young Democrats
       Stonewall Democrats

Email Your Thoughts or Method of Contact

Biographical Sketch:
A long term resident of Westlake, N. Olmsted, and Lakewood, Bob, is a Precinct Committee Member for the Democratic Party in Westlake Precinct 6C.  He is active in Westlake city council meetings when not campaigning for the upcoming election.

Bob worked in manufacturing (steel, chemicals, …) and service industries and held a variety of management, engineering, and IT positions with Fortune 500, consulting, and smaller companies. He was an entrepreneur and a consultant.   Training in business administration and engineering  as well as additional training in political science and the allied health professions provides a broad perspective on many issues.   Most of this training is from local schools and universities (CSU).  Bob  is a professional engineer in the State of Ohio and is active in  professional societies as well as group and individual sports.


Cities in Ohio Senate District 24 - The Emerald Necklace District

Bay Village
Bentleyville Village
Broadview Heights
Chagrin Falls Township
Chagrin Falls Village
Fairview Park
Glenwillow Village
Hunting Valley Village
Mayfield Heights
Moreland Hills
North Olmsted
North Royalton
Oakwood Village
Olmsted Falls
Olmsted Township
Pepper Pike
Rocky River
Seven Hills
Valley View Village
Walton Hills Village


Paid for by The Committee to Elect Robert Matius
as State Senator - District 24
Robert Matius, Treasurer, 31020 Lincoln Rd.
Westlake, OH  44145