By The Committee to Elect & By Robert Matius

Democratic Candidate for State Senator District 24



To create jobs in, to attract business to, and to spur growth of existing businesses in Ohio through subsidies and without increasing taxes. Preferred industries and businesses are those in each SIC that are

·         Considered "green" companies (environmentally compliant companies),

·         Have higher growth rates in there SIC, and

·         Considered to be high tech or that use innovative technologies. 

These companies should use local, college graduates and local, hourly employees. Once jobs are created, they are meant to remain in Ohio.  Industries should be directed to all areas of the state; parts of Ohio with the highest job loss would receive a larger number of new industries or subsidies.


This may also include an anonymous complaint system that prevents both parties from suffering damage until the matter is resolved.



To increase tax revenue through additional jobs, by attracting new businesses, and by business growth in Ohio.  The increase in business and W2 (salary) tax revenue should allow Ohio to decrease taxes on state residents, the state sales tax, new school levies, and other taxes.   An expected result is slowing or to stopping the exodus of college graduates and hourly workers from Ohio.  Increased tax revenue would be used for education, the elderly (health care, pharmaceutical subsidies, …), job creation, and economic recovery within the State of Ohio. 


Employment Statistics:

It’s the opinion of the authors of this white paper that unemployment statistics are not representative of the current levels of long term unemployment, of underemployment, and of workers displaced from high paying to low paying jobs paying at $10/hr or less.


A Question:

Once the manufacturing industry and the associated jobs leave the U.S., Will the service industries supporting these manufacturers be used at the new, international locations?  Or will the service industries also be without work?


Sources of Revenue to Spur Growth:

Tax Incentives

·         Tax Incentive In Exchange for Years of Guaranteed Jobs in Ohio

(For example,   5 Years of Incentive for 10 Years of Guaranteed Jobs in Ohio

                        10 Years of Incentive for 20 Years of Guaranteed Jobs in Ohio…)

Land Grants

·         Land Considered Undesirable for Residential Use

·         Brownfields (Old Industrial Properties with Pollution Issues)

·         Land with Pollution Problems (Noise, Magnetic Field, …)

·         Extremely High Traffic Areas Where Residents No Longer Wish to Remain

·         Blocks of Property Obtained for Non-Payment of Taxes

State Bonds (Tax Free Bonds)

·         State Bonds that Support or Attract High Technology Industries to OH &

·        That Would Benefit Both Industry & Agriculture.  (This issue would again need to be presented to the tax payers.)

Increased Revenue from Speeding Fines & Minor Traffic Violations

·       ( Dollars for Points ) Increase Fines & Drop the Points in Situations Where there Was "No Endangerment of Life" - ($50 or more for a Point)

·        Doubling or Tripling or 'X' Multiplier Speeding Fines (5% to 20% of Increases to Cities & 95% to 80% of Increases to State 'Job Creation / New Business Fund'

·        This Speeding Fund Multiplier Would be Controlled by the 'joint business / government committee'

·        Those unable to pay the fine would have the opportunity to perform work beneficial to the elderly, schools, or to attracting new industry and jobs to Ohio.

Island, Ohio River, & Lake Gambling

·        Lonzi's Winery or N. Bass Island Could Include a State Run / Operated / Supervised Gambling Casino

·        River Boat Cruises on the Ohio River Would Include Off-Dock Gambling Controlled by the State.  For example, river boat casinos could be used on rivers, lakes, and in protected areas on Lake Erie.

·        Lake Cruises Would Include Off-Dock Gambling Controlled / Monitored by the State

The First Planned, On-Ground Gambling Establishment Could be at Lonzi's Winery or N. Bass or or another location in the islands.  50.0% or More of the 'Gross Profit' Would Go to the 'Job Creation / New Business / School / Elderly / Pharmaceutical Fund'.  Other Casinos Would be Approved by the Committee to Increase Funds.

 Visual Lottery

·         Use of Funds from the Visual Lottery to Benefit the Goals of this paper.


Projected $ Spent to Create Jobs or Future Tax Revenue (Ongoing Development):

2150 slot machines alone are projected to bring in $533.4 million in their first full year of operation at the state's seven racetracks.  (Source:  Plain Dealer, 4/23/04, pA1)


Job Creation / New Business Fund:

Funds would be kept in a newly created 'Job Creation / New Business Fund' that is controlled by the state treasurer or possibly by a specific treasurer for this fund, audited by a committee in the state senate, and that is restricted from withdrawals that do not meet the goals mentioned in this white paper. 

Joint Business / Government Committee:

A 'joint business / government committee' that is jointly appointed by the state congress and governor would oversee and manage the program.   This committee would include voters, business leaders, government leaders, union leaders, engineers, environmentalists, the initial author of this white paper, and other needed to provide information to guide the committee on its business, legal, and financial decisions.



Public Works Projects:
It is the opinion of the authors of this scope document that additional methods of reducing energy costs and increasing competitiveness in NE Ohio should be considered.  Among these possible projects which would use local labor are:

  • Waste to Energy Facilities

These Facilities would Generate Power from Waste & Recycle Materials

  • Wave Power Facilities
  • Wind Power & Solar Power (Peak Load Balancing) Facilities
  • Increase Exploration & Use of Natural Gas Produced in Ohio

Sound Dissipation Along the Turnpike:

A sample project that could provide additional work in NE Ohio is a sound dissipation project along the Turnpike in Strongsville or Interstates within the district.  As there is a noise problem in Strongsville along the recently widened turnpike this is a good example.  Local firms would be used

Flooding in N. Royalton & Valley View:

Another project could include additional studies as to possible methods of reducing flooding along Canal Rd. in Valley View and in N. Royalton.  Local firms would be used


These projects would be timed to increase work for locals during slow time or preferably during recessions.       (10/04)